NTUA – The Future of Road Safety Research Workshop, on 15 May 2017 in Athens

The objective of this Workshop was to highlight the main findings and challenges of key road safety research projects carried out within the NTUA Laboratory of Traffic Engineering and to open up the discussion in a round table on the future of road safety research in Greece, in Europe and worldwide. Special emphasis was be given to managing speed for improving road safety in line with the UN Global Road Safety Week objectives. 

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ETSC – The European Union’s Role in Promoting the Safety of Cycling 2016

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has published a Position Papertitled “The European Union’s Role in Promoting the Safety of Cycling” containing proposals for a safety component in a future EU Cycling Strategy, authored by Ellen Townsend. 

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WHO – Powered two- and three-wheeler safety 2017

The World Health Organization has released a Road Safety Manual for decision-makers and practitioners concerning Powered Two-and Three-Wheeler (PTW) Safety

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Quarterly Research Report Jan-Mar2017

Enabling mobility whilst minimising harm is the future of transport towards which we are working intently.

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