The Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes (FERSI) is a non-for-profit association, governed by the provisions of the Title III of the Belgian Law of 27 June 1921  on non-profit associations, international non à profit associations and foundations. The Association acts as a flexible network of European road safety research institutions.

FERSI unites partners from 21 European countries who have a mandate of their governments to implement a pre-normative road safety research. That means that FERSI participants develop road safety solutions to be translated in legislation and norms, offer consulting to national and European road safety authorities while implementing these solutions and evaluate effects of implementation.

FERSI is open for cooperation with any road safety research institute or organisation, both in exchanging research knowledge and in seeking opportunities for collaborative research. Road safety research entities form outside Europe could join FERSI as associated partners.
FERSI acts on behalf of its partners as their representative vis-à-vis the European Commission, European Parliament, European Council while promoting road safety research agenda and research results and acquiring funding for research projects.
FERSI represents its partners and their reconciled opinion in the dialogue with other international organizations contributing to the road safety improvement, e.g. OECD, UN, professional unions and branch associations.
The association supports its partners in disseminating the knowledge generated by them and is actively involved in knowledge and information exchange.