Mission & Objectives

The primary mission of the Association is:

To promote or coordinate high quality research on road safety issues, consult on implementation of research results and scientifically evaluate implementation outcomes.

The objective of the Association is to contribute to road safety research and enhance the road safety by ensuring that the relevant problems are addressed by best available experts and that solutions recommended by researchers are implemented in the most effective way.

In particular, it may engage in the following (not exclusively) activities:
  • • enhancing the scientific quality of road safety research;
  • • proposing road safety topics for EU and national Research Agendas;
  • • developing road safety research recommendations and proposing them to competent national and European authorities;
  • • organizing seminars and meetings on road safety issues;
  • • participating in road safety research work conducted by EU or other international organizations;
  • • encouraging the international exchange of researchers;
  • • awarding prizes or scholarships financed by its resources to road safety researchers.