Report "Country Survey"

FERSI Working Group “Severely Injured Road Users” has implemented, in agreement with the DG MOVE, a survey “State of the art of MAIS 3+ assessment in the FERSI Member States and EU/EEA countries”.

The objective of the study was to collect up-to-date, comprehensive, valid and internationally comparable information on the relevant processes, methods, challenges, etc. that are associated with MAIS 3+ assessment in each participating country.

We are pleased to introduce the report of the Working Group. The report can be downloaded from the website.

The report as being copyrighted.



Save the date!

The results of the European Survey of Road users' safety Attitudes (ESRA) will be presented at a targeted Conference to take place on 20 June 2016, in Brussels.

This Conference is organised by the Consortium of 17 Institutes that participated at the survey under the coordination of the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (IBSR).